Meghan McCain Fires Back at President Trump After He Reportedly Taunts Her Late Father

Meghan McCain has issued a response after President Trump Reportedly made new disparaging remarks about her late father, Sen. John McCain.

The president had a famously combative relationship with McCain, the senator from Arizona known to Americans as a "maverick" within the Republican party. When McCain passed away in August, the president kept quiet while the nation mourned, but according to a report by the New York Times, he had a few things to say when the cameras were off.

President Trump attended a private luncheon with TV news anchors on Tuesday, before his State of the Union Address. During the meeting, he reportedly insulted many of his political opponents, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. He lashed out at McCain, mentioning the late senator's vote against the "skinny" plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

At the time, Republicans were eager to use their control of the executive and legislative branches of government to undo President Obama's health care reform, often referred to as Obamacare. However, McCain did not align with that particular plan to end the policy. He voted no, going against his party and ending the plan with a 49-51 vote.

On Tuesday, President Trump also reportedly joked about Sen. McCain's book final book, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations.

"By the way... he wrote a book and the book bombed," the president reportedly said to the table of journalists. The book spent four weeks on the New York Times Non-Fiction Best Seller list, and the audio book made the list as well.

Meghan McCain responded to the news of these latest insults on Twitter, where she suggested that the president was "haunted" by her father's "legacy."

"The president's obsession with my father 6 months after his death is pathetic and telling," she wrote. "Even at a time when he should be focusing on his message to the American public and the state of our union - the greatness of my father's life and legacy haunts you."

The president could have been remembering what The Restless Wave had to say about him, as Sen. McCain was never a big supporter. While he focused on reflections of his own career, the senator did spare some words for the president.

"I'm not sure what to make of President Trump's convictions," he wrote at the time. "The appearance of toughness or a reality show facsimile of toughness seems to matter more than any of our values."