Meghan Markle's Estranged Sister Samantha Turned Away by Kensington Palace Security

Meghan Markle’s estranged sibling, Samantha Markle, had an awkward encounter last week with [...]

Meghan Markle's estranged sibling, Samantha Markle, had an awkward encounter last week with Kensington Palace after she was turned away by security.

First reported by The Daily Mirror, Markle's half-sister, Samantha, made a surprise visit to Kensington Palace Monday, where she was turned away by security upon attempting to deliver a letter to her sister. In the photos captured by Entertainment Tonight, Samantha was spotted with a male friend buying Prince Harry and Meghan Markle party masks from a street vendor, while roaming the city in a wheelchair due to her battle with multiple sclerosis.

Though unable to gain entry to the Palace, Samantha teased to her Twitter followers on Sunday that "everybody would love to know what's in the letter."

While no outlets or fans have publicly speculated or reported as to what the letter states, Samantha has been very public about her disdain for the newly appointed Duchess of Sussex, and demanding a meeting with her after being snubbed from the royal wedding in May.

During her time in the U.K., Samantha took the opportunity to further the conversation about her sister squabbles in TV interviews, including an impassioned sit-down with journalist, Jeremy Vine, where she went into detail about their volatile situation.

"There is so much water under the bridge and so much has spun out of control that was never intended to," Samantha said. "I think everybody was hurt by not being included or invited to the wedding, but I felt as though it could have all been nipped in the bud had everyone been included and we all just agreed to move forward with positive resolve, and the hurt feelings wouldn't have snowballed."

She went on to also offer an apology for her criticisms directed at Markle in the past, saying she would like to move forward.

"I just think that families can be this way when there's confusion and when people are hurt. So, moving forward, I apologize and I wish things could be different."

The apology came after the Markle family drama reportedly reached a boiling point for the Royal Family, forcing royal aides to hold a number of top-level crisis meetings in an attempt to put an end to the interviews.

While Samantha has not made any TV or radio appearances since issuing her apology, she has made a decent sum from the scathing interviews that have now reportedly earned her a hefty royal sum.

Though it is not exactly known, Refinery29 estimates Samantha has raked in an upwards of $100,000 or higher due in part to her various TV and radio appearances over the course of a year-and-a-half.

Appearing on the Em, Grant and Ed radio show in May, Samantha revealed she was paid $1,500 per interview, an amount that has likely skyrocketed given her increased notoriety. Months later, she would reveal that the minimum was much higher than the initial amount reported.

"Just to give people a snapshot of how it really was — if I do one interview and they pay me $1,500, 10,000 publications will copy that and write their own story, that's how it works," she said.

Photo credit: YouTube / Jeremy Vine