Meghan Markle Pregnancy Watch: Fans Think Baby Sussex Could Arrive Easter Weekend Thanks to the Pink Moon

Royal admirers have a hunch that Meghan Markle's baby will be here soon, and it has to do with the [...]

Royal admirers have a hunch that Meghan Markle's baby will be here soon, and it has to do with the Pink Moon on Friday night.

Friday night marked the start of a new full moon, and the astrological circumstances have many people back on royal baby watch. Markle is likely due to give birth soon, and according to a report by The Sun, superstition holds that the full moon, like the so-called "Pink Moon" on Friday can induce birth.

It has long been a part of traditional wisdom and old wives' tales that the lunar cycle has an impact on pregnant women and birth. More recently, some have reportedly suggested that the gravitational pull of the moon can affect the amniotic fluid surrounding a mother's womb. It can also influence a person's level of melatonin — a hormone for regulating sleep cycles — and oxytocin, which could induce labor.

Of course, scientists and doctors treat these anecdotal claims as dubious at best, but royal admirers see it as a good reason to keep their eyes on Markle. The Duchess of Sussex wed Prince Harry exactly 11 months ago on Friday, and she announced her pregnancy in October 2018. While she has never publicly specified a due date, most sources agree that she is probably due any day now.

"There's a full moon on the 19th - what do you think of that? Can it really influence the birth of Baby Sussex? I always heard this from old people," one person tweeted this week.

The full moon in April is often known as the "Pink Moon," though its appearance is generally the same as the rest of the year. The nickname comes from folklore, and likely correlates to the first pink-colored foliage to bloom in early spring.

Whether it has to do with the moon or not, Markle's child is likely to arrive soon. Sources close to the royal family told Entertainment Tonight at the baby is due "any day" now, and some are even hopeful that it will arrive on Easter Sunday, meaning it would share a birthday with Queen Elizabeth II.

"It is such a happy and exciting time for Meghan," the source said. "She looks absolutely radiant and is taking each day at a time. [She is] looking forward to becoming a mother."

The insider added that Markle is not sure if she will make it to Easter church services at Windsor Castle this year, and she is taking a "wait and see" approach. Markle is planning to give birth in a small hospital near her rural home in Frogmore Cottage, and will not be posing for public photos immediately afterward.