McDonald's Breakfast Menu Is Relaunching Hit Item That's Been Missing

McDonald's lovers had to take some unfortunate hits over the course of the pandemic due to budget cuts and supply chain issues, including the loss of all-day breakfast and several key menu items. However, some of those items could be coming back — and in some locations, they already are. McDonald's has quietly brought back breakfast bagel sandwiches. In the wake of the item's initial disappearance, the fast food chain confirmed in July that breakfast bagels are now back on the menu.

The return of breakfast bagels mostly seems to have gone unnoticed by the majority of McDonald's fans, though that's likely because breakfast bagel sandwiches are only returning to a handful of states for a limited time. One of the few lucky states is Ohio, where McDonald's shared, per Fox8, "Fans asked, McDonald's answered: breakfast bagels are back in Ohio!" The Steak, Egg & Cheese; Bacon, Egg & Cheese; Sausage, Egg & Cheese, and Egg & Cheese Bagels returned to participating restaurants in Ohio in July for a "limited time," though it is unclear just how long they will stick around. It is also unclear what other states may see the item return, with The Street reporting, "the chain has not commented on a national rollout or set a timetable for the limited-time offer."

Breakfast Bagels are essentially the same as the chain's famous McMuffins. However, instead of the ingredients being sandwiched between two fluffy McMuffin buns, they are sandwiches between a toasted bagel with butter. Although the item was a fan-favorite, McDonald's made the decision in January of this year to remove breakfast bagels from the menu alongside Breakfast Wraps.

"It is with love and deep respect for one another that we announce that we are parting ways with Breakfast Bagels and Breakfast Wraps. Despite speculation and following a trial separation period, Breakfast Bagels & Breakfast Wraps will not be returning to the menu," the company shared in a statement, adding, "we adore each other deeply but our love for the iconic McMuffin was simply too hard to ignore."

Similar to the removal of the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell's menu, the move sparked immediate backlash, with many fans urging McDonald's to keep Breakfast Bagels on the menu. A petition was even launched asking McDonald's to bring the item back. That petition, which said in part, "in these trying times of social divide I believe America should have a hearty breakfast sandwich to power us through the day," garnered more than 21,000 signatures.