Police Find Large Amount of Pot at Nashville Airport

Local authorities discovered more than 40 pounds of marijuana inside the luggage of a passenger on an inbound flight to Nashville International Airport on Wednesday.

The Tennessean reports that airport police seized more than 44 pounds of marijuana from unclaimed luggage arriving from a Delta Airlines flight from Seattle at the carousel Tuesday night.

According to Metro jail records, George Nellans was arrested on felony possession of a controlled substance with "intent to distribute." Authorities captured Nellans when he was attempting to pick up the bags.

The 43-year-old was taken into custody without incident after police recovered the massive amount of drugs that range in street value from $121,000 to $198,000.

Nellans remains jailed on $20,000 bond.


While the war on drugs is a challenge the police and drug enforcement agencies have been fighting for decades, this was not one of the biggest seizures in the U.S.

In 1991, officials in San Francisco seized more than $4 billion in heroin that they could have been able to give every resident of the city two doses of the drug. The DEA also seized more than $1 billion in cash, while freezing the bank accounts of everyone involved in the crime.