Miley Cyrus Says Millennials Are 'Taking Over' at March for Our Lives

Miley Cyrus is taking an active part in the March For Our Lives in Washington D.C., not only by performing at the protest but by flooding social media with photos and messages of support for the cause.

(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)

Cyrus wrote "Millenials taking over!" in the caption of a selfie with her sister, Noah Cyrus, as the two wore Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School hoodies at the protest.

Cyrus posted another photo alongside Brandi Cyrus and Tish Cyrus as well. "Surrounded by heroines! Lucky to be here at this moment in history with the ones I love!" she wrote.

(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)

The four appeared on Twitter as well, brandishing ornate signs for the historic march. Miley Cyrus herself held a sign reading "never again!!" in a floral script. The sign featured a drawing of a handgun with flowers emitting from the barrel.

Cyrus wasn't the only star at the event. She stopped for a photo op with Dennis Rodman, where the two threw up peace signs in the streets of D.C. Many other famous faces are expected at the march.

Cyrus filled her Instagram story with snaps of herself travelling to Washington D.C. and preparing for the march. She was one of the biggest stars booked to perform at the event. Others include Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)
(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)
(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)
(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)
(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)

Cyrus performed shortly after 1:30 p.m. She took the stage in the same simple #MSDStrong hooded sweatshirt from her Instagram posts. For the duration of her set, she held a sign that read "Never Again." She sang her inspirational hit "The Climb" to an ecstatic crowd.

The March For Our Lives is expected to draw about half a million people into the streets of hundreds of cities across the U.S. The march in Washington D.C. is the central linchpin of the movement. Many students from Stoneman Douglas High are in attendance, urging voters to oust the lawmakers that accept donations from the National Rifle Association and other gun lobbying groups.


"Today we are going to start a revolution," said student activist David Hogg on Good Morning America. "This is the beginning of a lifelong marathon, not only for me, but for my generation. We are sick and tired of the inaction, here in Washington and around the country in different state capitals and different cities, of politicians who are owned by the NRA and not listening to their constituents and the future of America. We are the children."

"We are making our voices heard, and we will change America, with our without these politicians," Hogg went on. "Today is the beginning of that revolution."