Maple, the Beloved Instrument-Playing Dog From Vine, Has Died

The beloved social media canine star Maple the dog has died. Maple became a fan-favorite thanks to her musical talents alongside owner Acoustictrench on the now-defunct short-form video-sharing app Vine, earning her millions of fans. She passed away on Wednesday, June 16 after she and her owner "spent every moment together for over 12 years."

Accoustictrench announced Maple's passing in an emotional Instagram post on Sunday alongside a gallery of images and videos of the beloved canine. According to Maple's owner, the musically-inclined dog "passed away peacefully in my arms." Saying that Maple "was so full of love and pure energy," they expressed their heartbreak, sharing that "it is difficult to put into words how special she was and how deeply I loved her" and they now "feel lost without her." The post went on to recount how Maple once "saved my life and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her" following a walk in the woods, where Maple abruptly stopped just moments before a tree fell in their path.

"She was so much more than just a dog, she was my best friend and there was such kindness and intelligence behind her eyes. She was such a comforting and calming presence, she has been there for me through so much," Accoustictrench continued the post. "She has also been the best big sister to [Cherry], who was so scared of everything when I rescued her, except for Maple who she would hide behind. They loved each other so much and Cherry was like Maple's shadow, following her everywhere."

Accoustictrench noted that while Maple was their beloved pet, she also "meant to a lot" to her millions of fans, who through the years watched her play grooving out, and occasionally providing back up drums, across several genres of music in videos shared to Vine and later other video-sharing platforms. They said they "would hug her and tell her often how much I loved her and how there were so many people from all around the world that loved her, and how special she was." Accoustictrench ended the post with by thanking Maple's fans "for all the love and support you have shown us over the years," adding, "I love you Maple."


Maple first became a social media sensation back in 2015 when her videos began making waves online. While Vine is no longer in operation, the AcousticTrench YouTube channel, where the videos were also uploaded, boasts more than 2 million subscribers, with their Twitter account amassing more than 75,000 followers. Maple's own Instagram account has more than 350,000 followers.