Manhattan, New York Helicopter Crash Injury Reports Coming out

Following the news that there was a helicopter crash in Manhattan, New York, new reports are [...]

Following the news that there was a helicopter crash in Manhattan, New York, new reports are emerging that detail how many injuries there might be.

Per a report from CBS News, there is currently only one known injury. Additionally, the outlet notes that the damage that was done in the crash appears to be contained to just one building.

Per the New York Fire Department, "#FDNY members remain on scene at 787 7th Ave in Manhattan, helicopter crash into building. The fire has been extinguished. There is currently one fatality reported."

According to officials, the fatality from the crash was the pilot of the helicopter, but there appears to be speculation over whether this was a crash or just a hard-landing gone wrong.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has since commented on the news, letting citizens know that there is "no indication that this incident was "anything more than" a tragic helicopter crash.

After the crash, firefighters quickly responded to emergency calls notifying them of what had happened.

They entered the building and began assessing the situation.

The NYPD has been issuing updates on the crash through their Twitter page, letting citizens of the city know what's going on.

Specifically, they have been letting residents know to avoid the area where the crash took place, as it is under a heavy presence of emergency officials.

The city's fire department has also been on high alert.

A recent tweet from the FDNY stated, "#FDNY confirms a helicopter has crash-landed onto the roof of 787 7th Ave in Manhattan. The fire has been extinguished, and members continue to operate in response to fuel leaking from the helicopter. There is currently one fatality reported."

At this time, it appears as if officials are still investigating the cause of the crash, which seems to have been due to a mechanical issue.