Man Claims He Lost Virginity to Extraterrestrial

A man in New Jersey has a love story that is out of this world.

David Huggins, 74, of Hoboken, New Jersey claims that he’s been visited by aliens since he was a child and lost his virginity to one of the “beings” when he was 17. He recently detailed the allegations in a documentary called Love and Saucers, stating that he was just 8 years old when the “beings” first visited him on his family’s farm in rural Georgia, the Daily Mail reports.

“Nobody in my family seemed to see what I was seeing,” he says in the documentary. “My first encounter was when I was eight years old. I was playing at the base of a tree, and I hear this voice say, ‘David, behind you.’ And I turned around and there’s this little hairy guy with large glowing eyes coming straight towards me. I thought it was the bogey man. I didn’t know what to think of it.”

But that was just the first of many encounters that would continue throughout his life and follow him out of Georgia and into New York. The 74-year-old deli worker even claims that he began a relationship with a female “being” he named Crescent and that he’s fathered hundreds of children with her.

“I was walking in the woods, and I see a woman sitting under a tree – and she gets up and she starts coming towards me,” he explains in the film. “I become very aroused sexually; I couldn’t get my pants down fast enough. I fall back on the ground and I’m lying there and she’s looking at me, and I reach my climax, which was quite painful, actually; it was very intense. And then I’m looking in her eyes and I pass out…Virginity lost.”

Huggins’ experiences are detailed in the documentary Love and Saucers, which is directed by Brad Abrahams who became interested in Huggins after hearing about him on a podcast. Upon further research, Abrahams discovered that Huggins has painted hundreds of images depicting his encounters.


But Huggins isn’t trying to convince anyone that he is telling the truth, but rather he’s hoping that his story will at least make people consider what may seem like the impossible.

“I hope people will think seriously about it,” he said. ” have never asked anyone to believe a word I say, because I know I can never prove it..I hope that you’ll think about it.”