Man Arrested After Attempting to Light a Cigarette With Gas Pump Nozzle

A man in North Dakota has been arrested for possession of drugs after being spotted attempting to light a cigarette with the nozzle of a gas pump.

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The Bismarck Tribune reports that local police who were driving by the gas station en route to a hotel for a welfare check, when they spotted Skyler Whitebull, 29 attempting to light his cigarette. When Whitebull refused to put the nozzle back and took a "fighting stance," that is when officers apprehended him.

Court documents say the Bismarck PD officer forced Whitebull to the ground, where he allegedly continued to resist, flailing his legs even while handcuffed.

Police searched Whitebull and found several small, zippered bags with methamphetamine residue. He's charged with misdemeanor meth possession and preventing arrest.

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Gas stations and cigarettes do not seem to be a good combo as of lately, according to social media. Earlier this month, a man enjoying his cigarette at a gas station in Sofia, Bulgaria received a healthy dose of instant karma when he apparently refused to extinguish his butt when asked.


In the footage shared to Reddit, the young man is seen smoking next to his car and briefly arguing with someone off camera. Then, the gas station attendant calmly removes a fire extinguisher from its holder after approaching the pump and without warning, douses the man at the pump with foam.

Photo credit: iStock