Magician 'Cutting' Baby in Half Makes the Internet Go Crazy

A video of a magician seemingly “cutting” a baby girl in half is blowing the minds of internet users.

On Jan. 17, The Magic Show posted a video to their Facebook page showing magician Justin Flom performing a classic magic trick on a baby girl, complete with a disclaimer stating that “no babies were harmed in the making of this magic.”

The video shows Flom using two Dr. Seuss books – Green Eggs and Ham and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – to push through the baby’s abdomen, a twist on the classic trick where a magician uses swords. Flom then pulls the lower half of the baby’s body away to show that she has been split in half. Moments later, Flom is picking the baby girl up, who is back in one piece.

The video has blown people’s minds, with comments on the video ranging from fake threats to jokes.

“I’m calling [Child Protective Services],” one person jokingly threatened. “This is not cool this dude out here sawing babies in half and y’all turn a blind eye to it.”

“I can't believe people are really out here cutting their babies in half just to go viral,” another person wrote.

More often than not, however, the comments were people begging to know how the trick was completed, and some commenters were more than willing to offer possible explanations.

“Not a mirror, the table actually has a recessed area, you can see it built in,” Lisa Barker explained the trick used by many magicians to create the illusion. “It appears to not be deep enough to hold the baby, but it is. And only her chest, arms, and head are above the table line.”

Some weren’t sold on the classic technique though, instead believing that the trick could be chocked up to clever photo editing skills and camera angles.

“Actually, it’s just amazing photo editing skills nothing to do with under the table, and when the baby is put back together they take the books off which are hollowed around the body, notice you don’t see the books going on or off cause it’s out of the camera angle,” Bailey Greenham offered a different opinion.

One person thought that the trick was a combination of techniques.

“Mirror under the table reflects everything back, making it look like it goes all the way through, and angled to not reflect the camera person. The moving legs are animatronic. The baby is actually in a cutout covered up by the towel and hidden by the mirror under the table. Notice the camera goes above the baby as she's being lifted up, and you don't see the table,” Stephen Cumby offered their explanation.

Unfortunately, as is tradition, the magician hasn’t given away his secret.