Lori Vallow: FBI Reveals Photo of 'Cult' Mom With Daughter on Day of Disappearance

Now that Lori Vallow has been returned to Rexburg, Idaho the FBI has released two new photos of the so-called 'Cult Mom.' One of the photos shows Vallow holding her 7-year-old son JJ, who has autism, at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming on Sept. 8, according to Fox News.

Authorities say that the day the photo was taken was the last time Vallow's daughter, Tylee, was seen. JJ has been missing since Sept. 28. Vallow's first scheduled court appearance since being arrested in Hawaii was also held on Friday.

According to the FBI, Vallow, her children and their uncle, Alex Cox, traveled there in a Ford pickup with Arizona plates, which two additional photos confirmed. As a result, the FBI is also looking for any photos or videos that tourists may have shot around that time that may be of help to their investigation.

Though the two Vallow children have been missing since September, a report was not being filed with police until November. While this was unfolding, Vallow had been spending her time in Hawaii with her most recent husband, Chad Daybell, who's since returned to Rexburg.

Given the already dubious timeline surrounding the disappearance of Vallow's children, the disappearance has prompted the re-opening of prior investigations that involved both Vallow and Daybell.

Vallow's fourth husband, Charles Vallow, was shot and killed by her brother, and his brother-in-law, Alex Cox in July 2019. Cox, who's visible in the most recent photos, died just a few months later. Shortly thereafter, Daybell's wife, Tammy, died in her sleep. While there was no autopsy initially, her body has since been exhumed.

Tylee's aunt, Annie Cushing, believes that her fourth husband's death may have set something off in her, as she revealed in a recent episode of Dr. Phil.


"It just seems to me that once Lori found out after Charles was killed that she had been removed as sole beneficiary of his one million dollar policy, I just think she hit the panic button," Cushing said. "When my brother died, she didn't tell me that he had passed. My family didn't find out until five weeks later."

There's also the fact that Daybell is a self-published author of several post-apocalyptic books, and himself an avid doomsday prepper. Earlier in March, a bizarre email between the couple was found from 2019 that detailed some very specific, and unusual, plans for their future.