Lori Vallow: Grandfather of Cult Mom's Missing Children Pleads With Stepfather Chad Daybell to Do Some 'Soul-Searching'

The saga of Lori Vallow and her missing children, 7-year-old autistic son J.J. and 17-year-old daughter Tylee Ryan, continues to frustrate investigators and interest onlookers. The children disappeared in September 2019, with their grandfather Larry Woodcock searching for answers and investigators hoping to get to the bottom of the story when Vallow returns to Idaho to face charges of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children.

Woodcock appeared on Fox News recently, appearing on Fox & Friends Weekend with host Jedidiah Bila, appealing to his grandchildren's stepfather, Chad Daybell, to search his soul and help get the children back according to Fox News.

"Chad, I know you are on the way back to Idaho," Woodcock said during the interview. "When you get there, please do a lot of soul searching," he pleaded. "Somewhere in that vicinity there are two children and we want them back safe and we hope that you will have this come-to-Jesus meeting with yourself and address these issues as soon as possible."

Woodcock also spoke on the fact that there "Two Loris" in the case, one he knows well and another he can't comprehend.

"The first Lori is the absolutely wonderful mom, as one lady said recently. The mom that other moms wanted to be like. And then there is Lori today and within the last several months that I don't understand," he said. "I have known Lori for over a decade. I thought she was a wonderful mom. Had we not thought that and cared for her and Charles the way that we did, we would have certainly never given up J.J. to allow them to adopt."

J.J. and Tylee have been missing since September while Vallow and Daybell fled Idaho in November to Hawaii. The couple married shortly after arriving in the island state, with photos leaking showing the confusing moment as her kids were already reported missing.

The confusing case has finally led to Vallow being taken into custody after seemingly hiding shortly after the wedding. Her strange decisions also seem to reflect her mental change in 2018 with a focus on religion and apocalyptic thinking. She moved to Idaho to be with Daybell, an author who self-published over 25 books about the world ending.

Vallow's former sister-in-law, Annie Cushing, spoke to local news KSLTV about the changes and her comments about her children, sharing one troubling quote in particular.


"And she says, sometimes, I think it would be better just to put my kids in a car and go off the side of a cliff," she told the outlet.

Vallow is set to be extradited to Idaho to face her charges. She was also denied a lower bail, with a judge in Kauai, Hawaii setting it at $5 million and prosecutors labeling her a flight risk according to Fox News.