Ex-Wife of Slain NBA Player Arrested in Connection to His Murder

Sherra Wright-Robinson was arrested on Friday in connection to the 2010 murder of her ex-husband, NBA star Lorenzen Wright.

Wright's body was found with multiple gunshot wounds near Memphis, Tennessee in 2010. The Memphis Police Department has been working on the case ever since the 34-year-old went missing for 10 days.

Wright-Robinson was charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Her arrest comes just over a week after the indictment of Billy R. Turner in the same case. Turner was a deacon at Wright-Robinson's church, and authorities believe they conspired together to have Wright killed.

Fans have often suspected that Wright-Robinson was responsible for Wright's death in some way. They point to her dodgey behavior in interviews, as well as her her potential financial motives for the killing. Now those fans feel vindicated.

Wright played for four NBA teams including the Memphis Grizzlies during his professional career.


Photo credit: Twitter / @wsyx6