Loch Ness Monster Reportedly Spotted Near London Lake in Odd Viral Photo

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster continues. While the myth has frequently been dispelled over the years, truthers believe that the creature was recently spotted at a lake in Wimbledon, per Metro. Now, Arek Chytros, the man who snapped a photo of the supposed Loch Ness Monster, is speaking out about his sighting. 

The Loch Ness Monster was supposedly spotted in the water near Wimbledon Park. The most interesting thing about this latest sighting is that it occurred outside of Scotland, where the creature is said to be from. Wimbledon Park is southwest of London, meaning that Nessie would be a long way from its home. In the photo that Chytros captured, there appears to be a partially submerged neck and head of the Loch Ness Monster. 

"As soon as I spotted it I thought of Nessie hence I snapped a picture," Chytros, a construction site manager, said about his find. While he's unsure whether the photo that he captured was the real creature, he added that "you never know what's hiding in the unknown." Chytros continued, "If a real Nessie exists then it's gotta be some dinosaur that refused to go extinct. I'd like to think that it does exist."

Over the years, there have been many "sightings" of the legendary Scottish figure, whose history dates all the way back to the 500s. Even though scientists have deduced that Nessie sightings may have just been giant eels, many still believe that they've seen the monster wandering around Loch Ness. Most recently, in September, Youtuber Richard Mavor claimed that he spotted the Loch Ness Monster via drone footage. He subsequently posted the footage, which showed what appeared to be a creature near the shore of Loch Ness. However, experts later called this all "a hoax." Steve Feltham, a Loch Ness Monster enthusiast, posted a video in which he explained exactly why he felt as though the whole ordeal was intentionally misleading. 

"Hoax. No question about it. I would expect a confession along the lines of, 'Fair cop, it was just for a laugh, it was for charity, etc.', any time soon," Feltham said in a video posted on his own Youtube channel, ParaBreakdown. "I have spent many hours as a passenger in a microlite flying low over the loch, trying to spot a silhouette in the dark waters, and things just do not show up that clearly... lt seems that Mavor had duplicated a bit of the film. There was a perfect match. Mavors had actually duplicated a few frames of the shot to use elsewhere in his travelog video giving us a perfect 'before and after' shot." After his footage was denounced as a hoax, Mavor deleted the video.