Little Caesars Raises Price of $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizzas

Ordering a classic $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza at Little Caesars is going to leave your wallet feeling a little emptier. The beloved pizza chain has seemingly increased the price of their classic Hot-N-Ready Pizzas - Classic Pepperoni and Classic Cheese - from $5 to $5.55, marking one of the first times Little Caesars chain has upped the price on the fan-favorite dish since the Hot-N-Readys' introduction nearly than two decades ago.

While it doesn't appear that Little Caesars has made an official announcement on its website about a potential price increase for the pizzas, some social media users have aired their grievances online after having to hand out that extra 55 cents. Among the first to note the change was a Twitter user by the username of Uncle Charlie, who shared a photo of a notice posted to window of their local Little Caesars restaurant notifying costumers of the price increase, which, according to the sign, went into effect on Tuesday, Oct. 5. A reason for the increase was not provided.

"To our valued Little Caesars Customers: We are moving out $5 pizza to $5.55," the sign read. "In 2003, Little Caesars introduced our $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza. 18 years later, we are raising our price by $0.55. We hope you agree the truly GREAT Value & Convenience HOT-N-READY still offers AND we also hope you understand, AFTER 18 years, our need to increase the price."

It is unclear if the price increase affects locations nationwide or if it is only being enacted in certain locations across the country. Some social media users have expressed a similar increase at their local locations, and the price increase seems to be reflected on the chain's online ordering option, which lists the Classic Pepperoni and Classic Cheese Hot-N-Ready Pizzas for $5.55. It is also unclear if the increase could be due to the ongoing shortages that have sparked price increases across various products.


News of the now more expensive Hot-N-Ready has certainly shocked Little Caesars customers, who have grown accustomed to simply handing out $5 when ordering the dish. Reacting to the increase, one person tweeted, "yes gas prices are rising but I personally draw the line at 5.55 Little Caesars Pizza." Somebody else wrote, "just found out little caesars is 5.55 now what has the world come to?" A third person joked that "this inflation shit has gone too far."