Texas Woman Accused of Damaging Warhol Paintings on First Date Could Face Life in Prison

The Texas woman who is accused of destroying Andy Warhol paintings during a disastrous first date appeared in court on Tuesday, where she learned that she could face life in prison.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, was arrested on Dec. 23 after her first date went awry with 49-year-old lawyer Anthony Buzbee, according to The Houston Chronicle.

Buzbee claims that Layman threw red wine on three original Warhol paintings he had hanging in his home, then ripped them off the wall, causing further damage. Buzbee also says that Layman threw two sculptures across the room.

Layman was hit with a charge of felony criminal mischief. In those cases, the degree of the charge depends upon the value of the objects damaged, and each of the three paintings Layman allegedly destroyed were valued at $500,000. For this reason, Layman has been charged with the maximum penalty, a first degree felony. Her maximum potential sentence is life in prison.

Layman's attorney, Justin Keiter, says that he and his client dispute Buzbee's recollection of events on the night in question. "We certainly disagree with Mr. Buzbee's rendition of the facts when he spoke to the media and we disagree with what was said in probable cause court," he told reporters.

Buzbee has stated that Layman had too much to drink during the course of their first date. She accompanied him back to his house, but when he called an Uber to take her home, Buzbee says she hid inside his sprawling mansion.Layman allegedly became hostile when Buzbee found her, shouting "I'm not leaving!" according to the Dallas Daily News. That's when the alleged property damage began.

Layman is free on $30,000 bail. The judge strictly forbade her from using drugs or alcohol, and she is not allowed to contact Buzbee.


Layman has yet to enter a formal plea. When asked what Layman's alternate memory of that night might be, Keiter said "I'll save that for the courtroom."