Lindsey Graham Photographed With Organizer of White Supremacy Group Proud Boys

South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham was captured in a photo alongside Proud Boys leader, Joe [...]

South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham was captured in a photo alongside Proud Boys leader, Joe Biggs. The newly surfaced picture comes after President Donald Trump appeared to have given marching orders to the white nationalist group during Tuesday's debate with Joe Biden. Afterwards, Trump denounced that he had done so. The Proud Boys, meanwhile, quickly became a top story over the ensuing days with Biggs writing on social media that he took Trump's message as a call to action.

As for the photo in question, the two are seen smiling together at what appears to be a restaurant with a few waiters seen in the background. Graham has yet to comment on the photo nor his relationship with Biggs. Making matters worse for Graham is that he recently wrote on Twitter that the group is a "racist organization antithetical to American ideas."

During the debate, Trump, who revealed before the weekend that he and his wife had tested positive for COVID-19, was asked if he denounces white supremacy by moderator Chris Wallace, who also found himself under scrutiny for what some called a lack of control during the event... Biden then suggested he do so with the Proud Boys, to which drew a response from the president. "Proud Boys — stand back and stand by," he stated." But I'll tell you what... Somebody's got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem."

After the controversial remark made its way across all major networks and outlets, Trump went on to shoot down any idea that he supports those groups. "I condemn all white supremacists," he explained the following day, specifically listing the KKK and the Proud Boys. The latter group has been seen front and center during the rallies and protests in Portland, Oregon. Recently, one self-proclaimed member of the group pleaded not guilt to assault charges that stemmed from clashes in the street.

During Saturday Night Live's season premiere, the sketch comedy pointed out Trump's statement about the Proud Boys as Alec Baldwin, reprising his role on the show as the president, did not denounce white supremacy and was seen blowing on a dog whistle as a call of action. Jim Carrey, making his debut as Biden, then urged, "The president of the United States is literally blowing a dog whistle."