Lindsay Lohan's Stepmother Arrested on Battery Charge

Lindsay Lohan's stepmother was arrested in Florida in the early hours of Friday morning on a battery charge, reports the Palm Beach Post.

Boca Raton police booked Kate Major Lohan, 35, into custody at 3 a.m., the outlet reports.

(Photo: Palm Beach County Jail)

A judge ordered that she be released under supervision and the condition that she wear a SCRAM bracelet, which monitors alcohol levels.

"Seems like we have a serious alcohol problem here," Judge Ted Booras said during her appearance, according to The Post.

Major Lohan admitted to police that she and her husband, Michael Lohan, were in an argument over a cellphone after Lohan alleged that she threw a glass candle holder at him, police records state.

Michael Lohan told authorities before 8 p.m. Thursday that he stepped outside during the argument as she continued yelling at him. When he looked back, she threw a glass candle holder at him, which hit the palm tree behind him, he said.

Lohan said he put his arms in front of his face and that broken glass from the candle holder left a superficial cut on his left forearm. After that, he left the residence and called the police.

Major Lohan said she didn't know how the cut appeared on her husband's arm. She told police that he said he was "going to hurt himself" and call police to get her in trouble. She said she didn't know how the broken glass got onto the lawn.

Last August, Boca police took Major Lohan into custody for a mental health evaluation following an argument with Lohan. At the time, she claimed he had taken her children and she threatened that if police didn't find her children, "she would kill us all."

In 2016, she was accused of kicking a police officer in nearby Delray Beach. Court records said that arrest happened during an argument with her husband. She was also arrested in 2015 and charged with domestic battery after police said she attacked Lohan.

This isn't the only drama for the Lohan family. Earlier this month, an off-duty New Jersey police officer was charged after allegedly attacking Lindsay Lohan's cousin in a Boston pizza parlor.

The charges stemmed from the Jan. 19 incident in which Daniel Hunt, 27, and Ian Salerno, 29, allegedly assaulted Kevin Lohan, 24. Hunt allegedly pushed Lohan around and began an altercation, with prosecutors saying that Salerno came up behind Lohan, a graduate student and hockey player at Boston College, and punched him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

Lohan required surgery that required his jaw to be wired shut for three weeks and for permanent metal plates to be placed inside his jaw and cheek. He was also announced out "indefinitely" from the Boston College hockey team.


Hunt and Salerno will be arraigned on Aug. 1 in Suffolk Superior Court.