Late Ole Miss Student Ally Kostial Was Reportedly Pregnant With Accused Killer Brandon Theesfeld's Baby

Ole Miss student Ally Kostial was found dead by a lake around 30 miles from the school's campus on [...]

Ole Miss student Ally Kostial was found dead by a lake around 30 miles from the school's campus on the morning July 20, her body riddled with multiple gunshot wounds.

Two days later, police arrested fellow student Brandon Theesfield in connection with Kostial's death. He was charged with murder two days later and a petition was filed to hold him without bond. Kostial and Theesfield had seemingly known each other for years and reportedly had a relationship.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Kostial had told friends she was pregnant with Theesfield's child prior to her death.

"Her sorority sisters knew she was pregnant and that she had told Brandon," a classmate claimed. "He was really upset about it, that it would ruin his life and his future. He was really mad that she wouldn't get an abortion. She was like, ''No, I don't believe in that.'"

A second friend said that Kostial was trying to lose the baby "through unhealthy ways, like going out, drinking a lot and doing drugs. She was 17 weeks pregnant. She was not handling it well."

A third source alleged that Theesfield found out about Kostial's pregnancy and wanted her to terminate it.

"Brandon found out but he was dating someone else. He wanted her to get an abortion. I think morally she didn't want to do it," they said. "He would be awful and then she'd break up with him, or he'd break up with her in rage, and then he'd go back to her saying, ''I'm sorry, I'm sorry.' And she'd take him back."

Kostial was seen on surveillance footage leaving a bar near Oxford Square the night before her body was found. She got into a rideshare, police say, and returned home around midnight. WLBT reports that her roommates confirmed that she returned home before leaving again.

A Twitter user who appears to have been friends with Kostial tweeted on July 23 that they had listened to Kostial detail issues between herself and Theesfield for years.

"He harassed her for years, took advantage of her for years, I spent countless nights holding Ally close drying her tears about this monster for years," the now-deleted message read. "You deserve hell you disgusting excuse for a human."

Rex Ravita, one of Theesfield's former dorm neighbors, told KMOV that the 22-year-old was a "daddy's boy" who said he dated Kostial off and on for years.

"I truly believe that he manipulated her emotionally to have her believe that he loved her the same way she did, and I think he had her on the hook until the very last second," Ravita said.

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