Watch: Video Shows Inside of Vegas Shooter's Hotel Room

New photos and video show the inside of the Las Vegas hotel room that police say Stephen Paddock opened fire from on Sunday night, killing 59 and injuring 527 more at an outdoor music festival.

Photos of the Mandalay Bay hotel room-turned-crime scene, which you can see here, show the room from the hallway with crime scene tape across the busted-open door.

One rifle can be seen on the floor of Paddock's room with a crime scene tag next to it. See a video of the interior of the room here.

After shots were fired during Jason Aldean's set of Sunday night's Route 91 Harvest Festival, police took 72 minutes to locate the source of the shooting — Paddock's 32nd-floor hotel room. Authorities believe that Paddock shot and killed himself before they were able to breach his room.

Police found a total of 42 guns belonging to Paddock: 23 in his hotel room and 19 at his Mesquite, Nevada home. They also found thousands of rounds of ammo, explosives and unclassified electronics at his home.


Paddock's motive for the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history is unclear; the Islamic State (ISIS) did claim responsibility for the attacks and said he converted to Islam in recent months, but officials say there is little evidence to back up that claim.

Paddock's financials are under close scrutiny, as Las Vegas casinos had filed over 200 reports of "suspicious activity" and "currency transaction reports" under his name with authorities over the past three years.