Assets of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Valued at $1.3 Million

The assets of Stephen Paddock, the gunman in last year's Las Vegas shooting, have reportedly been tallied up at a total of $1.3 million.

Paddock was behind the grisly Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting last October, which took 58 lives and left over 800 people injured. According to a new report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he left behind a considerable fortune, though he spent nearly twice as much before ending his own life.

Paddock's net worth includes an estimated $62,000 worth of guns, weapons and accessories, which were gathered from his home and the hotel suite where he carried out his attack. While these were included in the total of his wealth, it is still unclear what will happen to the armory. Alice Denton, the attorney working on his probate case, warned that they may not be sold, meaning their value would not go to the families of Paddock's victims, as the rest of his money will.

"What will be done to them is still to be determined," she told the Review-Journal. "We have not been able to procure them yet, and we don't know if we ever will. We just listed them so everyone would know that they are assets of the estate."

The guns remain in the custody of the FBI as the investigation into Paddock's attack continues. Law enforcement officials will get to decide when and if the guns are released, at which point it will be up to a judge what happens to them next.

"Due to the highly sensitive nature of the tragedy and this probate, it would be my personal preference that we petition the court at some point to destroy them," Denton noted. "But we haven't gotten to that point yet."

The rest of Paddock's wealth consists of his property, as well as a considerable amount of liquid cash. The gunman reportedly had over $455,000 spread across at least 13 bank accounts when he died. The smallest of these contained only $30.95, while the largest held $102,584.51. Police said that Paddock's fortune was much larger at one point, though he spent the two years before his massacre spending money with reckless abandon.


They believe he held over $2 million at one point, and spent a huge amount of it gambling at casinos. He also invested heavily in his collection of guns, and paid off exorbitant credit card bills. Most strikingly, police said that he had given hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to his girlfriend, Marilou Danley.

Since Paddock died without a will, his mother inherited all of his assets. From the very beginning, however, she said that she wanted nothing to do with the money, insisting that it go to the estates of those killed in the shooting. The particulars of this arrangement have been debated ever since.