Family Friend Reveals Vegas Gunman's Relationship With Partner Was Strained

A family friend of the Las Vegas gunman is revealing details of the strained relationship between [...]

A family friend of the Las Vegas gunman is revealing details of the strained relationship between him and his girlfriend.

Adam Le Fevre, an Australian businessman, was in a relationship with the sister of Marilou Danley, who was dating the shooter, Stephen Paddock. On Thursday, Le Fevre told A Current Affair about a trip to Las Vegas with Paddock that took place two years ago.

Over the course of the trip, Le Fevre says that Paddock would often talk down to Danley. He says that Paddock's behavior would make her anxious.

"I experienced Steve talking to Marilou in an abrupt manner at times. Marilou...seemed very nervous and jittery around Steve, he would talk in a condescending way at times," Le Fevre said.

During the interview, Le Fevre also claimed that Paddock would make the most of the prostitutes offered to him by the casinos.

"I did have no questions that some of those offers had been accepted, yes," Le Fevre said.

On Sunday night, Paddock opened fire on concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival from his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort. According to Le Fevre, Danley would have had no knowledge of the planned attack.

"I think I know Marilou and the family well enough...and all of them a very loving family, and I believe if Marilou had the slightest inkling that something wasn't right, that she would've attempted to intervene and shared that with her family," Le Fevre said.

Le Fevre also shared a photo of Paddock and Danley in the backyard of his Nevada property.

"It is a very chilling thought to know that the reason the person that is at the center of the world's largest story at the moment was somebody that I knew, somebody that I was welcomed into their home, into their family, into their life," Le Fevre said.

Le Fevre explained that Paddock had a room full of guns in his Mesquite, Nevada home and that the gunman was a stringent defender of the second amendment to the United States Constitution.

"He was very strict and very firm on the fact that it's a right. It's the freedom of every American to participate, to own a gun and use it...when need be," Le Fevre said.

As the investigation into Paddock continues, the authorities are uncovering more details about the gunman.