Las Vegas Gunman Shot Security Guard Before Main Attack

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has updated the timeline surrounding the the Mandalay Bay Resort security guard who first encountered domestic terrorist Stephen Paddock.

During a press briefing on Monday afternoon, Lombardo clarified that the guard, Jesus Campos, faced the shooter before the main attack on festival goers began. The department originally told media Campos encountered him during the main attack.

"The timeline associated with the original shot with Mr. Campos has changed through investigation," Lombardo said. "What we have learned is that Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world."

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The update was made after police conducted a thorough interview with Campos, who is said to be shaken up by the incident but cooperating. He was shot in the leg during the ordeal.

The sheriff clarified that Campos responded to the room when the door was still open. That's when their altercation happened.

Also during this ordeal, Campos was able to warn a maintenance worker on the floor of the situation, therefore preventing the latter from getting in harm's way.


After Campos had been shot, he radioed his location to Mandalay Bay's dispatch, who shared the information with law enforcement. This info was vital in finding Paddock's location.