KFC Names New Colonel With an Unexpected Twist: 'He's Held a Lot of Forgettable Roles'

As part of its rotating Colonel campaign, KFC has chosen an unknown actor as its new Colonel Sanders.

Instead of picking a well-known comedian or actor, the Kentucky-based company has picked Christopher Boyer as the "Value Colonel."

kfc new colonel
(Photo: KFC)

Don't feel embarrassed if you don't know who the 57-year-old Maryland native is.

Although his IMDb page has 68 credits, they are mostly for minor roles. Perhaps his biggest role to date was playing General Robert E. Lee in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, although it didn't mean much screen time.

His other roles include "Ben Franklin Dude" in an episode of The Goldbergs, "Shop Manager" on a 2010 Criminal Minds episode and "Man at Mattress Store" in a 2005 Desperate Housewives episode. According to KFC, he auditioned for the Colonel role when the rotating Colonel campaign started in 2015.

"After casting a wide net to find our next Colonel — everywhere from big shot Hollywood agents to postings on job boards and even Craigslist — we were pleasantly surprised when we found Boyer," KFC U.S. director of advertising George Felix said in a statement.

"Much like the Colonel, he's held a lot of forgettable roles before becoming the world's most famous chicken salesman. Heck, he even auditioned for the role of the Colonel several years ago, and we didn't remember him."

Boyer, who owned a fried chicken restaurant himself in the past, said he was "very grateful to be playing the role as the common man's Colonel."


KFC also said it's offering Chicken Pot Pire for $3.99, beginning Dec. 26.

The new commercials starring Boyer will start airing on Dec. 28. Seinfeld's Wayne Knight is set to co-star.