KFC's New Chicken Sandwich Is Rolling Out

The chicken sandwich wars are still raging, and KFC is the latest fast food chain to take a shot. Years after the wars kicked off with the debut of Popeyes' chicken sandwich, Kentucky Fried Chicken, already known for their finger lickin' good fried chicken, is re-entering the game, but this time with a twist. The beloved fast food chain has added the new Fillet & Cutlet Sandwich to the menu. However, it is only available in an international market.

The new sandwich was added to menus at KFC's locations in Japan earlier this month, according to food news site Chew Boom. The sandwich is made with two different styles of fried chicken – a fried chicken fillet and a minced meat chicken cutlet. According to the site, the sandwich begins with a pair of soft burger buns, with the bottom bun topped with a signature fried chicken fillet, which is then topped with a minced meat chicken cutlet that's breaded and seasoned with 11 herbs and spices. The sandwich is finished with a special mayo sauce made with arabiki whole grain mustard, garlic and pepper, all on a bed of fresh lettuce.

Sora News 24 reports that the packaging for the Fillet & Cutlet Sandwich is a bit different than traditional KFC packaging, as it comes in a "surprisingly tall" box measuring more than 10 cm across. According to the outlet, "when we opened it up, we could see it needed that height to cover the gorgeous tower of buns and fried meat that lay inside." As for how the new dish tastes? Sora News 24 gave the sandwich a mouth-watering review.

"If we were to sum it up in one sentence, we'd have to say – it was finger 'lickin marvelous," the outlet wrote in their review. "The menchi katsu was filled with tasty minced chicken, and it was juicy, crunchy, and crumbly, pairing incredibly well with the sauce, the chicken fillet, and the fillet's 11 secret herbs and spices. Eating a fried chicken fillet together with a fried minced chicken cutlet is something we've never done before, and while it felt immoral to eat the two together, it tasted soooo good at the same time."


The Fillet & Cutlet Sandwich is available a la carte for ¥490, or about $4.27 USD, and also as part of a combo served with a side of fries and drink for ¥790, or about $6.88 USD. Currently, the sandwich can only be found at participating KFC locations across Japan for a limited time. It is unclear if it will eventually make its way to the U.S or other KFC locations outside of Japan.