KFC Adds Unique New Chicken Item to the Menu

KFC is known around the world for its finger lickin' good chicken, and now a new chicken item is joining the lineup and exciting taste buds. The fan-favorite fast food restaurant chain in late July expanded its menu offerings with the addition of the new Satay Crunch with Peanut Sauce, an all-new menu item that joined the lineup at KFC locations across Singapore.

Chew Boom was among the first outlets in the U.S. to report the new menu item. According to the outlet, KFC's Satay Crunch begins with tender, bone-in chicken that is marinated in a turmeric glaze with a hint of spice, freshly breaded and fried to golden brown. KFC gives guests the chance to add some extra flavor to the dish with Peanut Sauce, which is a peanut sauce that's sprinkled with crushed peanuts.

"Who says satay has to look like satay? Who says you can't fry a deliciously marinated chicken with rich local spices like turmeric and galangal to crunchy perfection? Who says the new KFC Satay Crunch is complete without taking a dip of authentic peanut sauce? Who says you can stop at one bite?" KFC teased the new menu item in an ad posted to the KC Singapore YouTube channel in July.

Satay Crunch with Peanut Sauce can be found at participating KFC locations across Singapore for a limited time. The dish can be enjoyed a la carte for $8.20 Singapore dollars ($5.89 USD), or as part of a meal that includes two pieces of Satay Crunch, served with a regular whipped potatoes, regular coleslaw and a regular Coke Zero for $9.45 Singapore dollars ($6.78 USD). There's no word just yet on how the new Satay Crunch with Peanut Sauce tastes, and KFC has not indicated if there are plans to one day roll out the menu item in the States.

Any fast food fan knows that it's not uncommon for fast food restaurant chains to have menu items exclusive to certain regions. In addition to the Satay Crunch with Peanut Sauce, KFC last month also added new Flossy Original Recipe Chicken Porridge and the Shroom 'N Cheese Pockett to menus in Singapore. It is uncommon, however, for these menu items to roll out past their regional markets, though it does occur on slim occasions.