Woman With Eyelid Bitten off By Chihuahua Wants Dog Owner to Cover Medical Bills

Kelsey Salmon, the woman who had her eyelid bit off by a Chihuahua last month, wants the dog's owner to pay the medical bills. Salmon, a sales development representative from Atlanta, went to get eyelash extensions before a vacation to Hawaii and her birthday. Instead of going to her usual technician, she found one on Instagram. After her eyelashes were done, the technician's Chihuahua lunged at her, biting off her eyelid. The eyelid was sewn back on, but Salmon continues to require medical treatments as it heals.

In a new interview with TMZ Saturday, Salmon, 23, said the dog's owner has not reached out to her. If her own dog did this to someone, Salmon said she would "100% be checking on them" regularly. She believes it is "pretty heartless" of the technician not to reach out to her. She also wants to make sure this person does not do anyone's lashes again. Salmon told TMZ she is not interested in filing a lawsuit to get rich.

"I just want the bills paid because I'm tired of my parents having to pay so much [of the] medical bills for me," Salmon said. In the past four years, Salmon has been to the hospital for other medical issues and she does not want her parents to face "another huge financial burden." She wants the technician to "own up and take responsibility for it."

TMZ asked Salmon if she wanted the dog to be put down, but Salmon did not like that idea as an animal lover. "I have dogs myself and I love them to death. If anything were to happen to them, I would be heartbroken." However, Salmon noted that this could happen again. "I would never want another person to go through whatever I've gone through, so there's a lot of different sides to it," she said. Salmon said the Chihuahua was recently quarantined for two weeks.


Salmon's story first went viral on TikTok, where she shared her story late last month. In another interview with The Sun, she said her eyelid was sewn shut for 10 days after the emergency surgery to reattach it. She said the dog lunged at her seemingly unprovoked after her eyelashes were done. "I'm so lucky he didn't grab onto my actual eye because that could have been a thousand times worse," she told The Sun. In that interview, she advised people not to take their eyelids for granted. "I would also advise people not to go to anybody's house for lashes or nails," she said. "Always go to a reputable salon."