Kayaker Nearly Capsized By Humpback Whales

The openness and unpredictability of the ocean can be intimidating enough when you're taking to the water in a small kayak but encountering a group of humpback whales who nearly capsize you would really be terrifying.

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That's exactly what happened to Eddie Willis, but rather than being afraid, he rather enjoyed the near-drowning experience, as he can be seen shouting for joy in a video of the incident.

See The Video Here

In a clip shared by The Daily Mail, Willis can be seen paddling his kayak around the open water in Half Moon Bay, California. He has a camera attached to an arm extension which is attached to his boat.

As Wills rows along, suddenly two massive humpback whales break through the surface of the water.

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It all happens so fast, but one of them nearly tips Willis' kayak and he has to act quickly to change course so he doesn't capsize.

Afterward, he rows off shouting happily and clearly ecstatic about his encounter with the large aquatic beasts.

Speaking to reporters, Willis said, "To me, I love whales, I love sharks…It's an adrenaline rush more than anything."


Willis, an employee of the Nevada Department of Wildlife, also wrote on Facebook about the encounter, posting, "It's happened more than once. I have video from three different times. They just were everywhere."

Photo Credit: StockSnap / Thomas Kelley