Kate Middleton and Prince William Adorably Interrupted by Girl in Princess Costume

Prince William and Kate Middleton were practically upstaged by another princess at an event last week, but they didn't seem to mind. A viral video shows the Prince and Princess of Wales addressing a local charity foundation when a young girl in a fanciful princess costume wanders into the frame, seemingly oblivious to whom she was interrupting. Prince William had a simple but adorable response to this interruption.

Prince William and Middleton were standing in front of an assembly of charity organizers in Scarborough, England to speak about a collaboration between The Royal Foundation and the Two Ridings Community Foundation to provide mental health services to young people in the area. A video clip shows the prince giving a speech about these efforts while small footsteps draw closer until finally, a little girl appears in the frame. Prince William says: "well, hello!" and even holds his hands out to the toddler as if to greet her.

The whole assembly laughed at this candid moment, as did many commenters on social media. The little girl scurried away without greeting the prince and princess, but according to a report by PEOPLE, she caught up with them later. The news outlet was able to identify the girl as Callie Rose.

A later video shows Callie greeting the prince and princess when their speech was over. She presented them with flowers and an ear-to-ear smile. Middleton and Prince William both bent down to her level and clearly spent some time with the child, which earned them an outpouring of praise in the comments.

Callie's interruption helped draw wider attention to the royals' work with the Two Ridings Community Foundation. During his speech, Prince William said: "For Catherine and I, the legacy of today, bringing people together and collaborating, showing what can be done when a community helps together collaboratively is really something we'd like to follow on and I hope can be represented more widely across the country. So you're leading where I hope others will follow. Thank you and well done for making it all happen today."


The CEO of The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales, Amanda Berry, followed up with a statement later on saying: "Ensuring that young people have access to a wide range of mental health support is something that The Prince and Princess of Wales feel extremely passionate about. Tackling the stigma around mental health and ensuring that help is there for those who need it continues to be one of society's biggest issues. The Royal Foundation is therefore delighted that by working with Two Ridings Community Foundation, we have played a pivotal role in galvanizing funding to support the organizations doing this vital work in the community, creating a long-lasting impact for young people in Scarborough."