Source: John McCain Wants to Get Back to Work 'as Soon as Possible'

After being rushed to the hospital on Thursday to treat side effects from his treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer, sources close to John McCain are reporting the Arizona senator is looking to return to work "as soon as possible."

According to the Daily Mail, a new report from his office has come in revealing that McCain is quickly recovering and ready to return to work "as soon as possible."

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham told ABC News on Friday that he received an update on McCain's health and that he is "resting in the hospital.

"He's receiving treatment for the side effects of the therapy," Graham said. "I feel pretty good about the way the treatment is affecting his underlying cancer. But the treatment has a downside. So he's tryin' to get rested up. I'm very confident he'll come back and continue to participate for a long time to come."

Both Graham and junior senator Jeff Flake have been in contact with McCain's wife Cindy and that she assures them the senator will be back soon.


"He's had a heck of a Senate schedule, and I hope he'll take some time to regroup, do a little rehabilitation on his leg and come back," Graham said.