Former President Jimmy Carter Back in Hospital for Surgery Due to Recent Falls

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter will undergo a procedure on Tuesday to relieve pressure on his brain. He was admitted to Emory University Hospital on Monday evening. All of this stems from Carter’s recent falls.

The Carter Center released a statement announcing his admittance into the hospital, adding that, “President Carter is resting comfortably, and his wife, Rosalynn, is with him.”

Carter is the oldest living ex-U.S. president after turning 95 on Oct. 1. Speaking with PEOPLE, Carter shared his secret to making it into his mid-90s.

"I think the best explanation for that is to marry the best spouse: someone who will take care of you and engage and do things to challenge you and keep you alive and interested in life."

He became the 39th president in 1977 until 1981 after previously serving as the Governor of Georgia from 1971 to 1975. He previously held a position as a Georgia State Senator for 14 years prior.

On Oct. 21, Carter fell and broke his pelvis. The injury didn't keep him down for too long as he returned to his church to deliver a sermon.

During his return to the church after missing two weeks, Carter shared a story about his fight with brain cancer in 2015. He admitted it was a "near-death experience." Carter frequently delivers messages at his Georgia church, Maranatha Baptist Church.

"I assumed, naturally, that I was going to die very quickly," Carter began "I obviously prayed about it. I didn't ask God to let me live, but I asked God to give me a proper attitude toward death. And I found that I was absolutely and completely at ease with death."


He continued: "It didn't really matter to me whether I died or lived. Except I was going to miss my family, and miss the work at the Carter Center and miss teaching your Sunday school service sometimes and so forth. All those delightful things."

Carter, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after co-founding the Carter Center, has remained active in engaging in physical activities despite his age. He is known to still go hunting in his spare time.