Jared Fogle Sues Judges, Prosecutors for $57 Million

Disgraced Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is suing the judge and prosecutors in his child pornography case for $57 million.

TMZ reports that, rather than mount another attempt to get out of prison, Fogle is hoping a series of new legal filings will help him garner a financial legal win over the justice department employees who put him away.

Fogle, along with some inmate co-plaintiffs, claim they were wronged when charged in the child pornography case that landed them behind bars.

The amount that Fogle is asking for is, as he claims, triple the amount that he lost due to the damage to his career. The co-plaintiffs are asking for more, reportedly.

As has been widely reported, the 40-year-old was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2015 for "possessing child pornography and traveling to pay for sex with minors."

He pleaded guilty to the charges, but recently attempted to get the plea overturned by filing legal paperwork suggesting that the judge in the case should have recused herself due to having teenagers daughters. That request was denied.

Fogle's attempts to get out of prison early may have something to do with an attack that was made on him in 2016, possibly fearing it could happen again.

According to reports, a 61-year-old inmate named Steve Nigg violently attacked Fogle because Nigg claimed that Fogle was seen as an important person to many other inmates.

"Jared is their hero," Nigg wrote in the letter. "You would not believe how arrogant Jared was. He hired bodyguards and the other child molesters looked at him as if he was a god."

Nigg was subsequently moved to another prison and lost out on other privileges but made a point to add that he would still do it all over again, saying, "I have no regrets."

Recently it was reported that Fogle has been having some NSFW conversations from prison, and audio, as well as transcripts, of the calls were released to news outlets.

The phone calls, shared by Radar Online, feature Fogle chatting with an unidentified female about topics such as amateur pornography and his love of "big boobs."

On one call, the woman speaks about shooting some adult films with a friend, to which Fogle replids, "My God, [that would] be cool as hell." The woman then mentioned that her friend does not like, "butt play," prompting Fogle to say, "She needs to, she needs to get into that. Holy s—."


"It'd be real nice," he added. "So…Did she do it? Was she, was she, uh, was she masturbating today?"

Finally, the conversation turned to viewing adult pornography, with Fogle asking the woman what type she enjoyed watching, and telling her that they are not allowed to have any in prison.