Ivanka Trump Tagged the Wrong Tiffany Trump in Her Birthday Message

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump tweeted a happy birthday message to her younger sister, Tiffany Trump, [...]

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump tweeted a happy birthday message to her younger sister, Tiffany Trump, but she tagged the wrong person on Twitter. Critics had field day with the social media mix-up, mocking the whole Trump family for this latest publicity blunder.

"Happy birthday @tiffanytrump!" Ivanka wrote. "Hope this year marks your best turn yet around the sun! Love you so much!" Critics were quick to point out that The real Tiffany Trump uses the Twitter handle "TiffanyATrump," while the one Ivanka tagged is an unused account — likely held by someone who claimed it hoping to sell it to the real Tiffany. To many, the fact that she didn't realize this suggests that the sisters are not very close, and the fact that she did not double-check before posting suggests Ivanka is not good at using social media.

The real Tiffany Trump retweeted Ivanka's message without comment and said nothing about the tagging error. That did not stop others from discussing it at length, however. One Twitter user wrote: "Nothing says I love you sis and happy birthday like tweeting the wrong account."

"When wishing a beloved sibling a happy birthday, I've found that it's the little details that make a big difference -— like getting her Twitter handle correct," another person added. "But that's just me, and I'm not a spoiled silver spoon trash heiress, so what do I know?"

Ivanka is President Donald Trump's second child, from his first marriage to the Czech model Ivana Trump. Tiffany is his fourth child, from his second marriage to actress Marla Maples. Tiffany was raised away from the rest of the Trump family for the most part, but in recent years she has embraced her connection with the president more and more. These days, she is a law school student at Georgetown University, with a focus on cyberlaw.

Tiffany was criticized herself this week for celebrating her birthday in crowded Miami parties, without observing social distancing protocols or wearing a mask. This comes after the president, the First Lady and their 14-year-old son tested positive for COVID-19. Tiffany's half-brother, Barron Trump recovered in a matter of days according to the White House, but this timeline has been called into question.

The president has dodged questions about the timeline of his coronavirus diagnosis or avoided answering them altogether. Public health officials are agreed that Trump likely returned to public life while he was still infectious, against the advice of medical professionals. The ripple effects of this example are now being felt around the country.