Ivanka Trump Plots 11 Stops in 7 Days in Support of Her Father's Campaign

Ivanka Trump showed off her non-stop campaign schedule on Twitter this weekend, revealing that she has made 11 stops in the last 7 days. The daughter and adviser of President Donald Trump is working hard for his re-election campaign and will continue to do so with the 2020 presidential election now just days away.

Ivanka tweeted a list of all 11 campaign stops she has made in the last week under a red pin emoji as if they were marked on a map. The 39-year-old has been back and forth across the country several times this week, from California to Florida to North Carolina, then up to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and finally, Ohio. She revealed that she has four more stops to go in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa. Still, most responders did not have compliments for Ivanka's packed schedule.

"Donald John Trump is a clear and present danger to the U.S. and the world. He *must* be removed from power," read one response. Another said: "Nothing else matters. Trump has given up on Covid-19 and anyone voting for him is voting for manslaughter. There is no good left in the hearts of trump supporters. It is sickening. Trump is sick."

Many also criticized Ivanka for her role in the president's campaign rallies after Saturday's report that they are responsible for over 30,000 coronavirus cases and over 700 deaths. The numbers come from a Stanford University research study, which analyzed the COVID-19 spikes in communities where Trump has held crowded in-person rallies against the advice of public health experts. According to a report by CNBC, many of those deaths may not have even been among attendees, but people they came in contact with later on.

"The communities in which Trump rallies took place paid a high price in terms of disease and death," said the study's lead researcher B. Douglas Bernheim.


On Friday, Trump took his disdain for medical professionals a step further by claiming without evidence that doctors are falsely inflating coronavirus numbers in order to make money. How this conspiracy would even work to profit them, he did not say, but he told a crowd of voters in Michigan: "Our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid."

There is no evidence whatsoever to support this conspiracy theory, and many critics were outraged to hear Trump impugn medical professionals as they are working to save lives amid the pandemic.
At the time of this writing, Trump is behind about 8.5 points in the national polls, according to The Guardian. Election Day 2020 is on Tuesday, Nov. 3.