Here are the Exact Days and Times for Hurricane Irma’s Path of Destruction

If you've watched any news or weather channel this week, you've probably noticed that the conversation has shifted quite a bit. Hurricane Harvey barreled through Texas last week, but all eyes are now turned towards the devastating Hurricane Irma.

With winds of 185 mph, Irma has quickly become one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded. According to CNN, the eye of the storm has now become bigger than Barbuda, the island it's currently hitting.

Irma is making its way through islands of the Caribbean on Wednesday morning. By Wednesday evening, the storm will be making landfall in Puerto Rico. Irma will then make its way toward the U.S., with experts thinking that it will hit Florida by early Saturday.

As of Wednesday morning, residents of Caribbean islands like St. Martin, Barbuda, and several others are bracing for impact. While it's still a couple of days from potentially hitting the United States, residents of Florida are beginning to evacuate.

Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency across Florida, and a mandatory evacuation has begun in the Florida Keys. It's unclear whether or not Irma will end up hitting Florida, but it looks like a strong possibility. If that remains the case, residents of Florida can expect the storm by Saturday.

Before Irma even gets near the Florida coast, it has its destructive sights set on the Caribbean. The storm is set to make landfall in Puerto Rico on Wednesday afternoon or night.

In the Bahamas, six islands have ordered emergency evacuations. Residents of Mayaguana, Inagua, Crooked Island, Acklins, Long Cay, and Ragged Island have all been ordered to leave the islands.


Irma is set up to be one of the more dangerous storms in recorded history, but everyone in its path is preparing as such.