Howard Stern Offers One of His Cats for Joe Biden to Adopt: 'I Would Be Honored'

President-elect Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are considering getting a cat when they move into the White House, and Howard Stern is offering them one of his. The long-time radio host announced on his Sirius XM radio show that he would happily let the Biden family adopt one of his cats. Stern's wife Beth is a spokeswoman for the North Shore Animal League, so this was likely a very real offer.

"President-elect Biden said that he’s going to get a cat for the White House; he's going to adopt a cat, I want him to adopt one of our cats," Stern said on Monday. "We would be honored, we have such cute kittens and adult cats, cats that need homes, we want to do that. Beth told me to say that, and I'm in full agreement."

The Stern family fosters many cats in their home in the Hamptons, and have done so for about six years now. According to a report by Rolling Stone, about 200 cats at a time are living in the house, so the Sterns are no strangers to the process.

Stern's offer comes after Jill Biden told CBS Sunday Morning that the family is planning to get a cat in time for their White House move. The Bidens already have two German Shepherds named Champ and Major, and Jill told anchor Jane Pauley that a cat will be joining the mix as well. Many commenters joked that the Bidens were going to "unite America" across the lines of "dog people" and "cat people."

Pets have become a vital part of American politics over the years, signifying that a family is nurturing and fun. President Donald Trump broke with the trend by not having a pet at the White House, but the Obama family adopted a dog shortly after moving in.


The last White House cat belonged to President Goerge W. Bush, who had a black cat named India "Willie" Bush during his administration. Before that, President Bill Clinton and his family had a cat named Socks, who once addressed the White House press corps on the lectern of the briefing room.

The Clintons also had a dog — a chocolate Labrador named Buddy, proving that the two pets can co-exist in the nation's capital. The Biden family will now repeat the experiment.