How 'The Walking Dead' Star Lauren Cohan Stays in Such Killer Shape

(Photo: Photo: James White/ days, Lauren Cohan dominates the screen on Sunday [...]

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These days, Lauren Cohan dominates the screen on Sunday nights as Maggie from AMC's The Walking Dead, but growing up she wasn't always admired like she is today.

In fact, in Health's December issue, Cohan revealed that growing up, kids would pick on her for the way she looked.

"I was very skinny," the 34-year-old actress said. "You know when your knees don't even look like they're attached to your body? Kids at school called me Snap, like my legs were about to snap because they were so thin. I was so gangly, even sneakers looked awkward."

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"Everybody kind of goes through some phase, and it's hard if you're singled out for anything. But there was this one boy in particular who made fun of me and, it's funny, then later, when we were 18 or 19, he wanted to go out with me."

Funny how that works, isn't it? On the pressures Hollywood brings to look perfect all the time, Cohan said, "I've definitely learned to let go of some of that. One thing I always think about is, at the end of the day, nobody really cares about you as much as they do about themselves. It's a very reassuring thing, in a good way. Pay attention to yourself, and use that energy and put it towards yourself."

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And Cohan is certainly doing that — her killer workout routine proves it! She says she works with trainer A.J.Fisher three to four days a week, and that she's in the best condition of her life.

"I do all core-based alignment training and strength training. If I don't die at the end of 90 minutes, then it hasn't been a good workout."

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(Photo: Photo via Shape)

When it comes to weekend workouts, Cohan is a yoga girl. She gives herself one rest day a week (even though that rest day includes walking 20,000 steps!).

Check out her entire interview with Health by clicking here!

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