Woman Sets Home on Fire Trying to Kill Bed Bugs With Rubbing Alcohol

A multi-family home in Avondale, Ohio was burnt nearly to the ground on Friday night when a resident tried to kill a bed bug infestation with rubbing alcohol. Fire officials say the blaze was likely sparked by a nearby candle or incense burner, which caught on the flammable fluid.

Three adults were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. Ten people in total were displaced from the building. The American Red Cross is providing them with temporary lodging, as well as clothing and food.

According to the Cincinnati Fire Department, this is the second major fire in the past two weeks to be caused by a do-it-yourself bed bug remedy. Mattresses are flammable to begin with, and very absorbent when treated with rubbing alcohol or other chemicals. Fire officials want to remind the public that it's always best to hire a professional.

The five unit building that burned down on Friday has been valued at $250,000. The fire first caught around midnight, but firefighters say by the time they arrived there were flames shooting from the first floor window where it all started.

A resident named Kamaron Lyshe rushed home from work when he heard about the fire. He recorded the scene in a Facebook Live video, and has since gone back to post videos of the aftermath.


"I'm kind of dealing with it now. I'll start from scratch," he told reporters from Fox 19. "It's like a dream....everything is burnt. I'll start fresh. It's all we can do now."