Holiday Party Hacks for Anyone Hosting in a Small Space

Did you include a few too many people on your evite sending list? If you're hosting a holiday gathering that's getting to be bigger than your living space, fret not — you don't have to start uninviting people or move the party to a new location.

These tips for hosting a party in a small space that Buzzfeed's Nifty debuted on Monday's episode of Today will save your party and sanity this holiday season. Check them out below.

Hack your coat hangers

Not enough space in your closet for 20 extra coats? You don't have to resort to tossing them in a pile in the bedroom quite yet. Simply hang a chain along your hanger to utilize vertical space and host multiple jackets on one single hanger. Buzzfeed even estimates you could fit eight to ten jackets in the same space you'd typically be able to fit one.

Create extra counter space

Is that kitchen island filling up with apps and desserts? Use a large cutting board to cover up part of your sink, creating a few extra inches of counter space while still giving you room to use the sink.

Store condiments in a cooler

If your fridge is jam-packed with food and beverages for the party, throw all your non-essential fridge items (like condiments and salad dressings you won't need for the party) into a cooler. Throw that cooler in the garage, in a far-off closet or under the bed — anywhere your guests won't see it.

Use wine glasses for a makeshift chip and dip

Combine both your chips and your dip into one compact space even if you don't have a built-in chip and dip. Place a wine glass into a large serving bowl, then fill the glass with whatever dip you're serving. Next, pour your chips, pretzels, etc. into the bowl to surround the wine glass. You're left with an adorable serving dish for snacks and extra counter space where that dip bowl might have been.

Wrap extra cookies to go

The perfect way to send guests home with leftover desserts: Make them into gifts. Wrap old Pringles cans with holiday wrapping paper, then stuff some leftover cookies or pastries in at the end of the night. (Cupcake liners work wonders for separating them.) Who can say no to that?

Transform a folding table into a beautiful piece of furniture


If you're worried about that ugly folding table being an eyesore, you can easily (read: inexpensively) turn it into a a fancy farmhouse table. Spray paint the legs a pretty bronze or gold color, then once it dries use carpenter's glue or liquid nails to attach wooden planks over top. Once the glue sets, sand and stain the wood to a rich, dark color. The best part is you can fold it up and use it over and over again!

Fancify your folding chairs

The same concept goes toward those ugly folding chairs collecting dust in your closet. Spray paint the bodies of the chairs with a color of your choice, then reupholster the cushions using a staple gun and pretty patterned fabric. To take it a step further, use chalkboard paint along the bottom of each chair and write a fun message to your guests so they know to unfold the chair and use it when they need it.