A Gossip Site Busted Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer Years Ago

If you were shocked by the recent Hollywood oustings of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer, you must not read Crazy Days and Nights. The gossip site has reportedly been in front of the sexual misconduct allegations for years.

The site, and its anonymous attorney founder who goes by the name "Enty Lawyer," penned pieces on Weinstein, Spacey and Lauer well before the mainstream media did, The Daily Beast reports.

On Weinstein, a 2016 item on Enty's site reads, "Her career could have crashed and burned when she refused the legendary advances of this producer/mogul. He threatened to destroy her career but she found a mentor who actually is not afraid to go to war with the mogul and the mogul backed down."

On Kevin Spacey, a 2012 item he ran reads, "This A+ list movie actor has always had a bit of a shady reputation behind the scenes."

On Matt Lauer, a 2014 item reads, "This television talk show host likes to show the world that he has the perfect marriage and life but he rarely sleeps at home at night any longer and has quietly been hooking up with a woman who used to be an employee…"

"My site has always been about the underdog and the victims," Enty told The Daily Beast, who confirmed Enty's identity through other entertainment lawyers in the industry who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

"Hollywood, since the beginning of time, has been filled with Harvey Weinsteins. And for a long time, it was covered up, and it was covered up with the help of the media. The gossip columnists were paid off or they were sued to oblivion," Enty said.


Enty says he's glad justice is finally being served to powerful men like Weinstein who abused their power.

"I think many of these celebrities assume rightfully that they were able to get away with something because they were rich or famous or powerful," he said. "For a long time, it's been happening, and now people want justice. Finally, people are getting what they deserve."