Google Reveals Map Of America's Most Misspelled Words By State

Google has shared a list of the most misspelled words in the United States, and it's incredibly interesting to look through.

As E! News points out, the Google Trends Twitter account posted the above image on Tuesday, which breaks down the most commonly misspelled word in each of the U.S.'s 50 states.

The data was compiled from Jan. 1 to April 30 of this year. The tech company compiled the searches for the phrase "how to spell" and a word in each state. They then color-coded each state by the number of letters in the commonly misspelled word.

Some states that misspelled words that are five or less letters long are: Georgia (grey), Idaho (quote), Mississippi (nanny), North Carolina (angel), Oregon (sense), Rhode Island (liar) and Tennessee (chaos).

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Two states channelled the classic Disney film Mary Poppins in their top terms. Connecticut and West Virginia both struggled spelling the fantastical term "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from the beloved family movie more than any other word.

Three states weren't far behind, as their words were 11-19 characters long. Those states were New Hampshire (diarrhea), Missouri (maintenance) and Texas (maintenance)

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The rest of the fifty states fell somewhere in the middle with 6-10 letter words. Some of those included: California (beautiful), Florida (receipt), Illinois (appreciate), Massachusetts (license) and New York (beautiful). The full results can be seen on the map above.

The Google Trends account regularly points out fun facts like this. They also point out trending search results each day. For example "fidgets," "Jamie Foxx's real name" and "covfefe" have spiked this week after various online memes and trends started around the terms.


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