'Golden Girls' Home Sells for $1 Million Over Asking Price

The Golden Girls home has officially sold! Not only that, but it also sold for $1 million more [...]

The Golden Girls home has officially sold! Not only that, but it also sold for $1 million more than the asking price. The famous house closed on Friday for $4,000,260, however, the original asking price was just $2,999,000, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The famous house that was used for its exterior of the popular comedy series is located in Brentwood, California, and inside consists of four bedrooms, three-and-a-half-baths. The home was sold to a local couple who simply loved its architectural layout and location. The owners also have no intent on tearing down the piece of Hollywood history or changing it. The outlet did speak to the home's previous owner who grew up in that house — which was his family home — recalling several details and memories of the home.

"They built it when I was first born and I lived there until I moved out in my 20's," James C. Barry said. "It's my family home." While the outside was filmed and used for the show, he said the inside played a huge influence into how they were going to decorate the studio as the house for the famous Golden Girls to live in. "The house had an allure because it was full of tropical plants, palms, exotic things. My grandfather owned a nursery coop a mile down the road, Exotic Jungle Gardens, and he used to travel the world collecting plants and bring them back and grow them."

He continued, "My father had the same interest in plants as well. He crossbred orchids and things like that. So they love the tropics. They loved the plants and the house had kind of a close Miami feel to it, where the show was [set]. That's how they kind of saw it from the outside and approached us. [My parents said,] 'Sure. We'll go ahead and do it.'" Barry lived in the house for over a decade. His parents David Noble Barry III and Margaret Carr Barry built the home in 1955 and lived there until their respective deaths in 2017 and 2019.

The show is still a fan-favorite, despite ending in the early 90s, and Barry says fans still like to drop by the house to take a look at it. "There's a story I like to tell where someone came and knocked on the door and asked my mother if he could propose to his girlfriend on our driveway because she was a huge Golden Girls fan. So she said yes. My mom came out and provided them with a little champagne after they got engaged on our driveway."