Little Boy 'Ghost' Photobombs Bachelorette Party in Hoax

A bachelorette party that allegedly turned into a ghost story has all been a hoax.

The story of a bachelorette party that had more terrifying memories than just what was done under the influence of alcohol has turned out to be fabricated after an image circulated online showing what was said to be a ghost.

Ghost child

The image, which first appeared on Imgur, shows a group of women gathered in front of the picturesque background of Loch Eck in Scotland. While the women throw their hands in the air in celebration, they remain unaware of a small boy hiding behind a log. As the hoax goes, the boy is a ghost.

But after the story appeared on multiple news sites, one of the women in the pictures took to Twitter to clarify things, claiming that the story was made up by the person who shared the images.

The woman who shared the pictures, however, stated that she had seen the picture and decided to post them.

Even though the story may be fabricated, it does hold some truth. According to an urban legend called "The Blue Boy," a 4-year-old boy had been staying with his mother at the Coylett Inn, the same place where the bachelorette party had been staying. The child had a habit of sleepwalking and wandered off one night towards Loch Eck, where he drowned. When he was found the next day, his body had turned blue from the cold. It is said that the boy still haunts the Inn, and employees have reported strange occurrences, such as objects moving, wet footprints on the floor, and sensing the presence of the boy.

In 1994, the legend was made into a TV movie titled The Blue Boy.


It is not yet clear if the boy in the photo is the result of clever Photoshopping or if he was really there.