Geraldo Rivera Trends on Twitter After Explosive Debate on Fox News About US Airstrikes in Iran

Former talk show host, and current political commentator, Geraldo Rivera is trending on Twitter right now, after he participated in an explosive debate on Fox News about the U.S. Airstrikes in Iran. While sitting down with a panel of Fox News personalities, Rivera took President Trump to task over his decision to approve the strike, which ultimately claimed the life of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani, a move that many have argued needed to happen. Rivera, however, disagrees with the course of events, saying that he believes the action will have severe and drastic consequences.

Many Twitter users have since been commenting on the heated debate, with celebrity lawyer — and vocal Trump critic — Michael Avenatti tweeting, "I can't believe I am saying this but here it goes: I agree [100 percent] with [Geraldo Rivera] on this.

"I held on when China and Russia, Move to Iran, Giant Bomb, World War III were trending three days into 2020...but I draw the line at agreeing with something Geraldo Rivera said. It's officially the apocalypse," another user joked.

"Even Geraldo Rivera sounded like a sane person over this invitation to all-out war," someone else wrote. "Of course, MAGAs are threatening him with death ... These people define the words 'crazed' and 'evil.'"

Not everyone has been on Rivera's side, however, as some Twitter users have expressed that they disagree with his take on the matter.


"#FoxNews what a disgrace Geraldo Rivera just was calling Brian Kilmead Ignorant. He was totally disrespectful. Lets stop having these people on that need to yell and call names. Like Leo last night with Candice. Ridiculous."

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