Genie Bouchard's Losing Super Bowl Bet Turns Into a Winning Romance

Tennis star Genie Bouchard is still dating John Goehrke, the 20-year-old Missouri student who she agreed to take out on a date after losing a Super Bowl LI bet. Bouchard posted new photos of the happy couple this week, proving that even losing bets can have a positive outcome.

"Look who came to visit me," the 23-year-old Bouchard posted on Wednesday. She included a selfie with Goehrke joining her on the couch.

She posted another photo on Thursday, this time with a digital mistletoe hanging over them. "Gettin in the Xmas spirit like," she wrote.

During Super Bowl LI, Bouchard bet that the New England Patriots wouldn't come back from a 25-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons. Goehrke took a shot, asking her out on a date if the Pats made a comeback. They did, and Bouchard followed through. They went to a Brooklyn Nets game a few days after the Super Bowl and sat courtside.

Bouchard even told TMZ after the date that they might go out together again.

"We talked about a variety of sports things and then we talked about what we were thinking on our side while this whole thing was going down," Goehrke told Fox Sports of their first date. "I kept telling her how amazed I was that she agreed to this without a picture or any info on me and she was happy that I ended up being 'normal.' Haha."


While the romance has turned out to be great for Bouchard, her 2017 season was a bust. She's now ranked No. 82 in the world and struggled in the Grand Slam tournaments.

Photo credit: Twitter/ Genie Bouchard