French Bulldog With Special Needs is Fighting for His Life and Stealing Heart Along the Way

Herbie's physical therapy begins @twohandsfourpaws Help share his journey and show your support [...]

Herbie looks like your average French bulldog puppy, except he was born with hydrocephalus — a condition that causes fluid to accumulate in his brain. This condition keeps the little guy from being able to walk, run, and play like a normal puppy. But, thanks to the help of his caretakers, he is working hard at recovering!

Herbie was rescued by a Los Angeles bulldog rescue group, Road Dogs & Rescue, details Huffington Post. They have recently put Herbie in physical therapy at Two Hands Four Paws so he can learn how to walk. Currently he is on medication to help reduce the fluid buildup in his brain, but he will likely need a brain shunt once he is old enough for surgery.

"He is a sweet, playful puppy," said Nikki Carvey who runs Road Dogs & Rescue. "He wants to run around but because he hasn't been able to stand or walk, he scoots himself along his side."

Anyone who owns a puppy knows that it is nearly impossible for them to stand still, so it's great to hear that Herbie wants to be active! His caregivers hope that after his surgery, he'll start to make even better progress toward standing and walking. He could even become available for adoption!

Little Hero Herbie! @goodmorningamerica featured his treadmill therapy on their FB page today and loads of people commented that we should euthanize him because he looked miserable. He is a bulldog puppy, he looks like that whenever he has to do something he doesn't want to do, ha! It is a tough journey for Herbie but unless he loses his feistiness and engagement, we will continue to do what we can to help him towards a good Life. If he changes his mind, then we will honour that. But right now, this guy is a happy puppy who just needs some support. If you support him and would like to help us continue to help other dogs like Herbie and paralyzed boy Higgins, please consider donating. Link is in bio. Thank you for caring! #littleheroherbie

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"I wanted to give Herbie a chance because when you meet him, you can see he has a feisty spirit," Carvey said.

Has Herbie stolen your heart? Check out your local animal shelter to adopt one of the hundreds of pets waiting for their fur-ever homes.