FOX Hilariously Panics Over New Orleans Saints Player Michael Thomas' Exposed Rear-End

New Orleans Saints player Michael Thomas may have been focused on trying to secure his team a place in the Super Bowl Sunday, but a wardrobe malfunction during the first quarter definitely had the people at FOX on their toes.

During one of Thomas' catches in the game against the Los Angeles Rams, Aqib Talib appears to have accidentally pulled his pants down, revealing his bare butt. A split second after the oops moment, the people at FOX were quick to pan to a wide shot of the Superdome, prompting Twitter users to crack up over the fast save.

"Fox quick [as f—] [with] dat Dome shot when they realized Michael Thomas whole a— was bout to be televised #NFCChampionship," one Twitter user wrote.

"That switch away from Michael Thomas butt crack was amazing," another joked.

"LOVE the frantic cut-away to the skyline shot so we would be spared seeing Michael Thomas' butt briefly," a third chimed in.

While Thomas gained three yards on the play, the Rams went on to win over the Saints with an overtime score of 26-23, securing themselves a spot in the Super Bowl LIII. It wasn't without controversy, however, with a no-call pass interference turning the whole game around for the Saints, who were on track to lake the lead.

In a third-and-10 situation, Saints quarterback Drew Brees threw an incomplete pass to Tommy Lee Lewis, and while some fans say it looked like Rams' Nickell Robey-Coleman interfered, making contact with Lewis, but the referees never called it.

The Saints then ended up getting a field goal instead of a touchdown, bringing the score to 23-30 before the Rams moved the ball back and scored a field goal of their own, sending things into overtime with just a few seconds left.


The Saints may have gotten the ball first, during overtime, but Brees threw an interception on the opening drive, setting up the Rams' game-winning field goal, securing them a spot in the Super Bowl.

Photo credit: Twitter/New Orleans Saints