Former Raiders Punter Marquette King Organizes Phoenix Cleanup Following George Floyd Protests

Punter Marquette King, who spent six years in the NFL, organized cleanup efforts over the weekend in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, following protests about George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis. The former Oakland Raiders star tweeted out an invitation for strangers to meet up with him on Sunday. He would provide gloves and trash bags and only asked for help cleaning up the city following protests that turned violent.

"It's a better way to do this so check this out! Since I'm a resident of AZ I'm gonna be in Downtown Phoenix around 10ish with gloves and trash bags cleaning up the city. All races are welcome to come clean the city with me. Officers should come too. Let's get to know (sic) each other," King tweeted on Sunday morning. Several people responded and headed out to clean up the city.

According to Cameron Cox's video, King and his fellow volunteers spent hours in downtown. They picked up trash, scraped paint off of windows and cleaned up various messes. Downtown became the epicenter of the weekend protests as police officers arrested hundreds of protesters. King and his fellow volunteers cleaned up some of the messes while promoting a message of peace.

"There's a lot of division, and I'm all about peace and love. That's what I want my message to be," King said during the cleanup efforts. A news crew interviewed those that joined the punter in downtown Phoenix. Some were familiar with him and his NFL career while others simply wanted to help out any way they can.


Following the hours spent downtown, King tweeted out a photo of him with the other volunteers. He called the day a success and said that he is a believer in peace. He wanted to promote that message while helping clean up the impacted areas in downtown Phoenix.

"Today was a success. #GeorgeFloyd was a believer in peace and love as well as myself n everyone that was out here today helping people in Phoenix," King tweeted. "It's ok to be different! I choose to make an impact in showing love n peace. Make a difference but be smart and calculated."