Former Playmate Says She Watched Barbara Moore and Donald Trump Have Sex

Former Playboy model Barbara Moore recently claimed to have had sex with Donald Trump while one of her fellow Playmates watched, and now the friend is confirming that story.

Elke Jeinsen was Playboy's Miss May 1993, and that same year is when she claims the encounter took place, according to The Daily Mail. "We were talking, laughing, drinking, sitting on his bed and then he started to undress Barbara and make out with her," Jeinsen told the outlet.

"I was just sitting there and they got into a little sexual thing," she recalled. "They actually had sex together and I was watching it. It was like they didn't even know I was in the room, I didn't exist. He was really into Barbara."

She added that she was not asked to join them, but did think "maybe something would happen."

Back in April, Moore, Playboy's Miss December 1992, spoke with The Daily Mail as well, claiming that she "dated Donald Trump for around six months, from March to September 1993."

Coincidentally, this would have been around the time that his ex-wife Marla Maples was pregnant with their daughter Tiffany Trump.

Moore, now in her late 40s, was 24 at the time of the affair. "I remember that, everybody wanted to be with Donald Trump and it was just like an instant attraction," she said.

She detailed that she "was intimate with him the first night" they met. "And it was really… I felt special. I felt like he was very passionate with me and we both felt a chemistry," Moore added.

"I was surprised he was older, I'd never been with an older man before, but he was good, a really good lover. He was kissing my neck, being really attentive," she continued. "And you know, the sex was normal, he didn't ask me to do anything weird at all. Of course I wasn't really sure if this was going to go further, but I was thinking that this was an exciting moment.

"I was with Donald Trump and it was a wonderful evening, it was really great. I felt like it was love-making, not just a one night stand. And I didn't feel like I was a piece of meat or anything. I just felt really admired and adored. He was very loving," the former Playmate also said.

Following their first encounter, Moore says that Trump flew her out to Mar-a-Lago for more intimate encounters.

"I was in my Beverly Hills apartment, a brand new place. I didn't even have furniture yet. I was sitting on the floor and I remember Donald Trump calls me up and he invited me right away to Mar-a-Lago and I was pretty excited," she detailed.

"I got there and we played golf, well actually he played golf and I watched, he would hit the ball and we would ride the golf cart together," she recalled. "I was so attracted to him. He was so tall and big, and he's so manly and that is my type. And then on top of that he's powerful and he was the supreme Gentlemen, he made me feel so beautiful."

It was here that the alleged encounter between the two of them that Jeinsen witnessed took place. "We just went at it and it was like she just didn't exist."


Moore also revealed that Trump invited her to his Trump Tower home in New York. "I definitely felt like our relationship was getting stronger. And, and that's when he invited me to New York to the Trump Tower and I just thought that, you know, we were an item," she said. "I thought that we were dating and I was special."

"It was really over the top, what a place," Moore said of Trump Tower. "But I remember from that trip was that we just hung out at his place, ate food, watched movies, had sex." Eventually the relationship cooled and the two went their separate ways.